Mission Statement

A Mystic’s Tale is a mature spiritual community for mystics, light workers, witches, and spiritual people to meet and interact with other like minded people.

With the growing increase of internet censorship and privacy concerns, we have made it our mission here at A Mystic’s Tale to stand up for your privacy and your right to use your voice. We believe everyone has a right to their beliefs, to express those beliefs and to share those beliefs with others. This will always be a core value of our website.

Unlike many big tech platforms, we value your privacy and do not believe your data is ours to share or sell to third parties. The data you share here on A Mystic’s Tale is solely used for the functionality of our website. You can read our Privacy Policy here for full details.

Last but not least, we are NOT FOR SALE. This platform is created by the people, for the people and will forever stay that way.

Thank you for joining us on our humble journey.

With love ♥,

A Mystic’s Tale