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How Do I Create a Blog Post?

To create a blog post, navigate to your profile page, click on the “Blog” tab under your cover photo, and then click “Create”. You can also find the “Blog” link at the top of the left hand sidebar (which appears on the activity page). The “Blog” link in the left hand sidebar will redirect you to the “Blog” section of your page where you can create a blog.
Please note at this present time, we do not have formatting functionality available for blog posts. This will be upgraded in the future.

What are Groups?

Groups are community pages users can create for a specific topic or interest. Users can join groups, and users with a VIP Membership can create groups. As the creator of a group, you can set group rules, decide whether anyone can join a group or if it is private, allow/disallow invites, and have a range of control over the type of interactions in your group.

How Do I Create a Group?

In order to create a group, you must have a VIP Membership. Once you have a VIP membership, you can create a group by clicking the “Groups” link in the top section of the left sidebar. It will redirect you to the “Groups” tab of your profile page in which you will see a “Create Group” button.